Music Festivals

FALL FESTIVAL November 23, 2024

The Music Festival is a noncompetitive festival sponsored by the Wichita Falls Music Teachers Association to encourage memorization and performance of quality piano and string literature.

Who may enter:  The Festival is open to piano and string students of teachers in Wichita Falls and  surrounding areas.

Repertoire requirements:

Piano Students:
*May enter one or two memorized pieces.
*Exception: Sonata/Sonatina pieces up to three movements.
*Ensemble duets – four hands, one piano. Two students (not teacher and students). May use music if needed.
String Students:
*May play from memory, or use their music.

Performance time should not exceed a total of five minutes.  If more time is needed, a double fee should be paid.

Before the Festival:

  • Teachers must enroll students as a group. Fees are not refundable and must be included with the registration.
  • The teacher should send one check made payable to the Wichita Falls Music Teachers Association (WFMTA).
  • Teachers will be notified about the scheduled time for the group.
  • Teachers should copy the evaluation sheet, complete one for each of their students, and bring it with them to the Festival.

On the Festival Day: 

  • Students should bring music with them. No Xerox copies are permitted.
  • Teachers should sign in at the registration desk and receive their students’ name tags and ribbons.
  • Students will meet their teacher in the “gathering area” to wait until called by a monitor to go to the playing area.
  • There will NOT be an opportunity to use the practice rooms. Encourage your students to warm up before arriving.
  • Each student will play privately for a single judge. Teachers, parents, and friends may not be in the room.
  • Every student will receive a rating card and ribbon.

Registration Fees:
Students of WFMTA members – $10.00
Students of non-WFMTA members – $12.00

Deadline: TBD – Late entries will not be accepted.

Mail check and registration form to: 

Diane Hoskin
4210 Briar Cliff
Wichita Falls, TX  76309

WFMTA members should be prepared to monitor a two-hour shift. We will also host a pot-luck luncheon for the judges at noon.

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