Student Affiliate Program

The Student Affiliate program provides year-round opportunities for students to develop their abilities through special incentives and goals suited for every level of musical development. The benefits of being a Student Affiliate member are:

  1. Opportunity to develop an understanding of music more deeply by participating in the Music Theory study program. State tests are given each year for a nominal fee, and good grades result in special awards and presentations of Primary and Whitlock Theory Medals.
  2. Opportunity to attend the state convention held each year in June.
  3. Opportunity to participate in the following Junior High and High School Performance contests:
    1. Junior High Piano Solo contest
    2. 9-10 and 11-12 grade Piano Solo contests
    3. Concerto contests
    4. Orchestral Instrumental contests
    5. Vocal solo contests
    6. Chamber Music contest
  4. Opportunity to represent the Wichita Falls Student Affiliate at the state convention by becoming a member of the pre-high school or high school ensemble team.
  5. Opportunity to enter an original composition in the State Composition Contest. Cash awards for state winners.
  6. Opportunity to enter an essay on pre-selected topics in the State Publications Contest.
  7. Opportunity to participate in the All-Star Festival at the state convention.

You are invited to join the many other students in Texas who have found exciting musical experiences in Student Affiliate. Enrollment is through your music teacher. Yearly dues are $10, before Oct. 1.
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